"Pakistan Using Aid to Blackmail the West" - Baloch Party President to Tommy Robinson

Posted by Rebel Staff on September 25, 2017

Tommy meets Brahumdagh Bugti, the grandson of Akbar Bugti, who was assassinated by the Pakistani military in 2006. Brahumdagh Bugti is the president of the Baloch Republican Party. His immediate family were murdered in his home country, and he talks to Tommy about how Pakistan is using aid money to blackmail the West.

Brahumdagh Bugti is one of the most important Baloch leaders, and he has seen first hand how the Pakistani government takes aid money and then props up terrorists.

He claims that for as long as Western governments offer aid to Pakistan to fight terrorism, the Pakistani government will keep on creating terrorists.

He also explains how his people are the most pro-Western people you can find in the Middle East!

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