“Thank Knox” UPDATE: Vet with MS road tests new wheelchair — but there’s still more to do

Posted by Tommy Robinson, Rebel Contributor on August 02, 2017

Here’s a positive story for a change! You’ll remember the incredible veteran we introduced you to named Knox.

He has multiple sclerosis, and isn’t getting much help from the military to get the wheelchair he needs to stay an active member of society.

Because of your support at, we have raised the funds needed to cover the deposit for the special wheelchair. It is now being built in Australia before being shipped.

But for now, Knox got to test drive one of these all-terrain wheelchairs, and it's great to see.

Previously, he could barely get to the end of the road on his own, so I think you’ll be smiling like I was when I saw him able to get around his neighbourhood.

And he is so grateful and overwhelmed by your outpouring of support. 

Now we need just one more crowdfunding push.

So to help thank a man who gave his all for our country, please visit to get us to our goal!

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