Baloch Activist, Ahmar Mustikhan: "The West Must Rise!"

Posted by Rebel Staff on September 24, 2017

When Rebel UK visited Geneva, we met the people of Balochistan. They protested outside the United Nations building, calling for governments to recognise the atrocities committed by the Pakistani government. I spoke with Ahmar Mustikhan, a Baloch activist and journalist, who warned us against Pakistani influence in the West.

Ahmar has deep knowledge of the terrible things committed by the Pakistani government. He told me off camera that he left a life of journalism so that he could dedicate his efforts to holding Pakistan to account.

He also told us that the West must rise, and that the British people must reject any Pakistani influence over our politics. 

Ahmar's insight into international politics and the future of the West was really fascinating to hear - and his love for the British people was warmly welcomed!

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