Get Tommy Robinson’s NEW book “Mohammed’s Koran” — before it’s banned

Posted by Rebel Staff on July 31, 2017

What you will find in my new book Mohammed’s Koran might well shock you, because this book turns upside down the lie that “Islam is a religion of peace.” 

Anyone who just turns to the Koran contained in my book will see within minutes why it is that devout followers of Mohammed engage in terrorist violence and beheadings.

ORDER MOHAMMED'S KORAN today, before it gets banned!

Live in the UK? 
Get Mohammed’s Koran in paperback through by clicking HERE. Let’s get it to #1!

Live in the US, Canada or elsewhere? 
You can pre-order the Kindle version Mohammed’s Koran HERE through Amazon. It comes out on July 31.

(PS: Don't have a Kindle? No problem: You can read the Kindle version of Mohammed’s Koran on your tablet, desktop computer, laptop and cell phone. Just download the FREE Amazon Kindle app at the same time you order your book.)


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