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You know about the terrible crimes committed against Chelsey Wright of Sunderland, U.K.

She was forcibly confined, beaten, and repeatedly raped by a gang of men. When she managed to escape from the house, screaming, witnesses heard her. Police swept in, arrested the men and took Chelsey to the rape clinic — where they found two separate DNA samples.

But then — nothing. Police let the suspects go. Prosecutors refused to lay charges. And even the local newspaper buried the story.

Why? It is because the suspects are refugees from Syria and Iraq?

It’s a national outrage — and more than 110,000 people have signed our Justice for Chelsey petition, demanding action from police and prosecutors.

But still — nothing.

Well, today we’re doing something. Not just raising awareness through petitions and marches. But actually doing something: we’re hiring a top lawyer to pursue the case.

This is a big undertaking — it could take months. Our lawyer has generously offered to reduce his fee. But it will still take tens of thousands of pounds to get Justice for Chelsey.

Will you help her? Whether you can afford £1,000 or £1, it all helps. Please click below if you can help too.

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