Let’s Give Chelsey Wright and her family a Summer Break!


Chelsey Wright’s had a trying year.

And it's been even tougher on her young family.

Police, politicians and the mainstream media have ignored her plea for justice after she was attacked by a Muslim rape gang.

More than 115,000 people have signed our petition to get justice for Chelsey, and we’ve been marching throughout the year. But we now think it’s time for Chelsey and her family to have a break.

So, we want to send Chelsey and her family away from all the stress. We want to give her something positive right now. 

So we're sending her, her beautiful kids and her parents on a family vacation -- just to get away from things for a while, to forget about the bad stuff and make some great family memories. We asked her where she wanted to go -- and then we said we'd crowdfund the cost! The whole thing: flights, accommodations, and even a little bit of spending money.

Please, help us send Chelsey, her children and her parents on a trip this summer, and give her the break she deserves.

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