Tommy Robinson's News Roundup: What's Boko Haram's Real Name?

(LANGUAGE WARNING) On today's news roundup, I discovered The Star has no news! There's pretty much nothing in the paper! But I did think it was important to talk about Boko Haram's real name...

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Tommy Robinson Studio Update: Build That Wall!

The studio construction is well and truly underway...and we're building a wall! Your turn, Donald!

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Tommy Robinson: Anne Marie Waters Launches "For Britain" Party

On Sunday 15th October, a new counter-Jihad party was launched in Britain. I spoke to its founder, Anne Marie Waters, who recently came second in the UKIP leadership election race. She told me why she felt this new party was necessary, and why she had to leave UKIP. 

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Tommy Robinson: Amazing Results for the "Help Chris" Campaign!

Chris Eade is the Navy Chief who was facing eviction. In our report, we told you that despite decades of service, Chris was being let down by the military. He was facing eviction, and not receiving the support and pension he deserved. But today, we have amazing news – your petition worked! 29,000 of you helped us place pressure on the Navy, and Chris got justice!

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Tommy's News Roundup: Fireman Sam or Firewoman Samantha?

Did you hear the news about the poor old Guardian newspaper? Apparently some journalists are working for free and many employees have been made redundant. I guess that proves the age-old point about karma! 

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Tommy's Friday Fatwa: Munroe Bergdorf, KFC, and Camel Urine!

(LANGUAGE WARNING) Today I'm introducing my new weekly Friday segment - Tommy's Friday Fatwa. Let's finish off the week by browsing Twitter together, and summing up some of the nonsense from the past week.

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Tommy's News Roundup: ISIS Sally, Jezza Corbyn, and Offensive Mugs

(LANGUAGE WARNING) I feel a bit low energy today, but I'm looking smart! Today I took a look at The Daily Mail, and found out that one market stall owner has been banned from her local town centre for selling "offensive" Crusaders mugs!

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Urgent: Will You Help This Military Vet Keep His Home?

I recently met Chris Eade, a Chief from the Royal Navy. He is facing eviction from his home after suffering from a stroke, and the Navy aren't helping him. 

That's why I've started a petition to Help Chris. We need your help urgently - we must hand in a petition with as many signatures as possible on Monday 16th October.

Will you help us by learning about his story and signing the petition?

Sign the petition!


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Behind the Scenes: We've Started Studio Construction!

Thanks to every one of you at home who donated, we've found a studio and we've begun construction! It's all a bit of a mess right now, but we think it's big enough, and we wanted to show you the start of the build!

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Tommy's News Roundup: ISIS Sally is Dead!

(LANGUAGE WARNING) Today in the news, we learned that the White Widow is dead! If you don't remember her, she's the British girl called Sally who left the country to fight for ISIS. In fact, I know her!

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