Lucy Brown

UK Contributor

Lucy Brown is a photographer, writer and social commentator. She was brought up in Cambridge, going on to study Fashion Photography at the University of the Arts London, before moving into the Post Production industry.

In 2016 Lucy became politically active, joining groups such as Black Lives Matter UK and Sisters Uncut. After becoming disillusioned with the attitudes of these groups towards certain demographics, she decided to disassociate with them and find her her own way.

She has since been working behind the scenes with The Rebel UK team, filming protests and marches across the country, as well as making her own videos on Youtube, and writing a review of the The Red Pill, featured on A Voice For Men and The New Brit.

Lucy is a firm believer in common sense, reality, and being as offensive and stupid as you possibly can.

The Latest From Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown: Bristol Anti-Sharia March

September 13, 2017
British Immigrants United Against Terror and Gays Against Sharia recently marched in Bristol, England, against Sharia and FGM. I attended, and the claims made by Antifa just didn't ring true.

Lucy Brown: The Truth About Munroe Bergdorf

September 09, 2017
Munroe Bergdorf, the transgender activist who got booted from a L'Oreal campaign because of her racist comments, has tried desperately to backtrack. She says her claim that "all white people are racist" was just an angry comment made in the wake of Charlottesville, but I have evidence that shows otherwise.