Muslims "Tried to Kill Me" - British Apostate Tells Tommy Robinson

Posted by Rebel Staff on September 26, 2017

CCTV footage shows the many times that Nissar Hussain, a British former Muslim from Birmingham, was targeted by the Muslim community. He was attacked with pick axe handles because he left Islam. Fireworks and bricks were thrown at his house, and he told me that his children "know nothing but persecution" from his so-called own kind. 

We have covered the brutality of Pakistani Muslims in our videos about Balochistanbut this is far closer to home. In this interview, Nissar told me about the brutal violence and persecution he has faced for 16 years by the Pakistani and Muslim communities. In Britain!

He also explained how his Member of Parliament Naz Shah, the same woman who retweeted a post telling the Rotherham victims to "shut up" for the sake of diversity, ignored his requests for assistance. I was amazed to learn that multiple Bishops and even Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, have shunned him. 

I felt ashamed of my own country when I heard how badly Nissar had been let down, and I hope everyone shares this video far and wide. Nissar's story needs to be heard. He deserves justice, and we must do everything we can to stop the thousands of British Muslims who want to leave Islam from living in fear. It's not right. 

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