Please help me pay for my studio so I can make The Tommy Robinson Show

Remember when I went on Piers Morgan’s show back in June? That gave Good Morning Britain its largest audience ever.

And it made me think: why don’t we start our own, proper show — The Tommy Robinson Show? A real show, in a real studio — talking about the news of the day, giving my opinions. And interviewing people, including people the mainstream media won’t touch, but that normal Brits want to hear from.

Here’s my idea:

There’s one problem: I work for a tiny company called The Rebel. There are only six of us here in the UK, including my cousin Kev. We don’t have billions of pounds like the mainstream media does.

If we were the BBC, we’d just build a massive studio in the most expensive part of London, and stick taxpayers with the bill. 

But we have something better — thousands of friends and allies across the U.K. (and around the world, too).

So let’s build the studio ourselves — let’s crowdfund it! You can contribute on this page. 

We don’t need a fancy studio in London. We can build a low-cost studio in Luton, that will do the job. It won’t be huge — but it will work. With room to interview guests. With a British theme — the Union Jack, maybe the old red telephone box. We won’t waste any money — we’re not like the BBC. But we do need to buy a few things:

  • better cameras 
  • proper lights
  • a nice desk with a big microphone
  • a control panel to operate the whole show

We’ve priced it out, and that’s probably £100,000 by the time we’re done.

That’s a lot of money to us, but it’s nothing to the BBC — they just take it from you, whether you support them or not. 

Will you help us crowdfund our studio — the same way we crowdfunded the high-tech wheelchair for Knox, and a lawyer for Chelsey?

I promise I'll use that studio to keep telling our side of the story that no-one else in the media is doing. But I can’t do it without you.

If you like my work over the past six months, and want me to kick it up a notch — to do a daily Tommy Robinson Show — please help me build a studio here in Luton. Fill in the form and donate now. 

If you donate £100 or more, we’ll put your name on a symbolic brick on the outside of our studio, to acknowledge your generosity — and we’ll send you a picture of it!

Thank you!

*Contribute in Canadian dollars by clicking here.

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