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Beverley Lockwood is a Yorkshire woman who has concerns about the NHS, uncontrolled immigration, and the European Union. Up until recently, she worked at engineering company Arc Engineers in Morley. She was one of the company’s best employees, receiving praise and bonuses from management for her hard work.

But before Christmas, her boss discovered that she had joined the new political party, For Britain. This is the party formed by former UKIP leadership candidate, Anne Marie Waters. Beverley made posts on Facebook expressing her concern about halal slaughter, and posted the For Britain logo on her personal page. Her politics never entered her professional life.

And then just before Christmas, she was called in for a disciplinary meeting at work. A HR representative joined Beverley and her boss, in a meeting where Beverley was illegally fired from her role. Beverley’s belongings were packed into a box, and she was made to walk through the office and into the car park in full view of her former colleagues.

This is wrong. Not only did Arc Engineers boss Andrew Rimmington break the law when he fired Beverley, but he did something deeply cruel. He left a woman without work over the Christmas period, all because she didn’t share his left-wing political beliefs.

We don’t think this is right, and that’s why we confronted Rimmington. Now, we’re campaigning to get justice for Beverley – we want to take Rimmington and Arc Engineers to court, and we want justice. Please sign our petition, and we’ll confront Rimmington again – and we’ll keep you up to date with our plans to get justice for Beverley through the courts.

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I support Beverley Lockwood's right to freedom of association.  

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