Thank our Troops: Help us get this vet a wheelchair!

UPDATE: Knox has road tested the new wheelchair, but there's still more to do!

Published on August 2, 2017 - We put down a 30% deposit on a custom X8 off-road wheelchair, but we need your help again. Knox has been fitted for his chair, but the estimate has increased by £6,000.

Please help us raise the extra funds required by donating below. 

After hearing about an ex-military man bound to a wheelchair by Multiple Sclerosis, I decided something needed to be done. After thirteen years in the military, Gareth (Knox to his friends) had become something of a legend. He was also medically discharged mere weeks before being diagnosed with Progressive MS.

I went to visit Knox recently to find out more about his situation and was horrified to find out he was receiving barely any support from the military, and that there was "no help really" except for that from his friends. The worst part is Knox is an active guy, he has taken part in the Royal Navy Field Gun race four times, completed a thousand rep bench lift for charity, and continues to train every day with his friends.

But as his condition worsens Knox is in ever more desperate need for a quality wheelchair that can give him the kind of life he deserves - an independent one, one where he can keep active and keep up with the rough and tumble on the beach with his friends.

That's why I want to get him a wheelchair, not just any chair but the Xtreme X8 Off-Road chair.

With this chair, we can get Knox out and about, and give him the life he deserves as someone who has given so much to defend and protect ours.

I believe that our ex-servicemen and women should be at the front of the queue and that's why I'm asking you to donate, to help get Knox his chair.

I'm chipping in the first £50, if you want to donate to say thank you to Knox for his service, and to let him have his independence, then please, donate below.

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