Tommy Robinson: Amazing Results for the "Help Chris" Campaign!

Posted by Rebel Staff on October 16, 2017

Chris Eade is the Navy Chief who was facing eviction. In our report, we told you that despite decades of service, Chris was being let down by the military. He was facing eviction, and not receiving the support and pension he deserved. But today, we have amazing news – your petition worked! 29,000 of you helped us place pressure on the Navy, and Chris got justice!

We headed to the Ministry of Defence offices in Whitehall, London earlier today. They accepted our petition, and when Chris and his family met with Royal Navy leaders, he found that they are no longer planning to evict him, and a new channel of communication will be opened with the family to ensure they get the support they need moving forward!

I’d like to thank Sir Admiral Philip Jones for taking action on this case – but we’d also like the Navy to remember that there are 29,000 people ready to spring into action if promises aren’t kept!

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