Tommy Robinson: British police think tweets are an emergency

Posted by Rebel Staff on August 11, 2017


I've had enough experience with the police to know that their priorities aren't quite right.

I was arrested during a charity walk to help sick children, and my book Enemy of the State outlines how I quickly became a target of the British authorities for speaking up against extremism.

But the police really outdid themselves recently. 

Wiltshire Police sent a threatening tweet to users, warning them about "spewing abuse" online, but they were met with a massive backlash.

Bedfordshire Police — the force I've been battling with for years — even spent a fortune on a new "counter extremism" app that focuses on the activities of patriots, instead of the Muslim gangs who have made my hometown of Luton a hotbed for extremism.

While London spends £1.7 million on a new "Hate Crime Hub," and local police forces pretend right wing Twitter users are dangerous, Britain gets more unstable by the day.

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