Tommy Robinson on London Bridge attack — “Get these murderous scumbags off our streets”

Posted by Tommy Robinson, Rebel Contributor on June 04, 2017

At around 10:30 this evening a van drove into pedestrians on London Bridge in another Islamic attack, this coming off the back of the Manchester suicide bombing which only happened two weeks ago. Stabbings and gunfire have been reported at the scenes.


How many more of these atrocities are we to put up with?

Why is our government and our security services allowing more than thirty-five hundred known jihadi scumbags to roam our streets while UK taxpayers pay the bill for these disgusting, depraved death-loving muslims, to be monitored?

It was only June last year that 400 British Islamic State nutjobs had returned to our country after fighting for ISIS in the Middle East, so what has our government done about it?

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