Tommy Robinson: Thank Knox Update

Posted by Rebel Staff on September 11, 2017

Our Thank Knox campaign saw people all over Britain (and beyond!) supporting military vet Knox, who suffers from MS. When we first met Knox, he was struggling to go about his daily business. His condition left him struggling to walk. So we decided to help.

Rebel Media asked Knox if a brand new wheel chair would help, and he said yes. We launched to to raise funds to purchase a top-of-the-range wheelchair, and you at home raised so much money that we had some left over. 

So I decided to pay Knox a visit, and I shared the news that we had raised more than planned. That extra money can go towards renovating his bathroom to ensure he's safe in his own home, and can go about his daily business as easily as possible.

This campaign has been a great success, and we know that Knox appreciates it. We think it's important to show our vets that we care, and so everyone at Rebel would like to thank you at home for supporting this important campaign. Thank you!

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