Sunday June 11, 2017: March Against Islamic Hate in Manchester

On May 22, 2017, a 22-year-old named Salman Abedi carried out a suicide bombing in Manchester, killing 22 and injuring 116.

The world looked on in shock and anger, devastated by such a brutal attack on our way of life, on our freedom, on our children.

What Salman Abedi did is not the beginning, and it won't be the end. There is a nation within a nation forming just beneath the surface of the UK. It is a nation built on hatred, on violence and on Islam. 

The mosque that Abedi worshipped at has its own Sharia court, it has a long history of giving a platform to some of the world's most radical hate preachers. Speakers at the mosque have called for our troops to be killed, for apostates to be stoned and for homosexuals to be put to death. Even Abu Qatada, one of the world's most notorious extremists has spoken there, calling for the wives and children of those who reject Islam to be killed.

It has now been left to us, the ordinary people of the United Kingdom to stand up to hate, to unite and in one voice say 'no more'.

That's why on Sunday the 11th of June, we will stand together in Manchester in opposition to hate.

We will say 'no more', we will walk in silence through the city to honour the dead, we will rally to demand action, we will make ourselves impossible to ignore.

Meet at Manchester Piccadilly train station at 2 pm for a silent walk through the city, then join us in Piccadilly Gardens for a rally with speeches from Britain's leading counter extremists.

We hope to see you there, let us know if you can attend and tweet the hashtag #UniteAgainstHate

P.S. This event is free of charge, but there is a financial cost to holding it. We need to rent a sound system, stage and have security as well. Please help us recoup the cost of this event by donating here.

Event Info
June 12, 2017 at 2pm - 5pm
Manchester Piccadilly Train Station
2105 London Rd
Manchester M60 7RA
United Kingdom
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